Project Process & Delivery Timelines

Depending on the project, we can deliver your website in 4-6 weeks. If you are in a hurry and are ready to have it completed quickly, let us know when you submit your project information form for a quote.

Read more about our project phases and step-wise approach here.


Week 1

  • We gather design information about your company: existing assets, colors, and images and write a design brief - this functions as the blueprint for your design.
  • We find potential domain names and register your domain
  • If we are providing writing services, we construct an outline of the contents of your website, using what information your already have
  • We define which website features will best suit your website and create a list of the most impactful features

Week 2

  • With the design brief, we begin the design work for your website. You have the first (of 2-3) review & feedback cycles
  • If we are providing writing, we create a sitemap that shows all the pieces of content in your website that we will be writing. We also write a content brief that describes the purpose of the website & the visitors

Week 3

  • We complete the design work with another 1 or 2 review & feedback cycles.
  • With the completed design, we begin to convert it to HTML.
  • We configure the system for your domain, setup email and related technical elements.

Week 4

  • The design work is complete and converted to HTML. We begin to put it on the content management system
  • If we are providing writing, some reviews are needed at this stage and writing continues
  • We begin work on the website features

Weeks 5-6

  • The design is in place on the system
  • If we are providing writing, we complete all writing and put the content into the content management system
  • All features are completed

Your website is open for business.